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Are you ready to establish your brand's legal foundation? The first crucial step is securing a trademark! As a small business attorney, I'm here to guide you through the process and ensure your brand is protected. Let's make your mark official with trademark registration. Explore how we can safeguard your business identity today.

Achieving Growth

By securing a trademark, you establish exclusive rights to use your brand name, logo, or slogan, preventing competitors from using similar marks that could confuse consumers. This not only builds trust and loyalty among your customers but also enhances the value of your business assets. Whether it's ensuring legal protection against infringement or leveraging your unique brand identity in the market, a trademark is a powerful tool for long-term business success

Why Do I Need A TM?

Responding to office actions is crucial for trademark registration success. We specialize in crafting effective responses, making the process easier and ensuring your trademark stands out. Did you know? About 70% of applications receive office actions—this doesn't mean your registration is impossible, just that expert handling is key.

I Got An Office Action. Now What?

While those services often stop at submitting your application, we go further. We conduct comprehensive trademark searches, communicate directly with the examining attorney, and expertly respond to any office actions that arise. Many clients switch to us for these reasons—they know we provide dedicated support throughout the entire trademark process, ensuring your brand is fully protected without unexpected costs or complications.

Why Shouldnt I Use LegalZoom or Similar?

The first crucial step in trademark registration is conducting a comprehensive search. This search is essential because it determines if your desired trademark is available and eligible for registration. Sometimes, trademarks face conflicts or are already in use by others, making registration impossible without expert guidance. Our thorough search process not only identifies potential conflicts but also assesses the viability of your trademark application. It's the foundation of protecting your brand effectively and ensuring a smooth trademark registration journey.

Whats The First Step? 

Our fee for trademark registration is a flat rate of $1750, which covers everything you need for the entire process. This includes a comprehensive trademark search, handling all office actions that may arise, the application fee to the USPTO, and regular updates throughout. With our flat fee structure, there are no surprises—just transparent, comprehensive support to ensure your trademark is protected effectively.

What Is Your Fee?

Yes, we do offer payment plans through Affirm! This allows you to finance your trademark registration with flexible monthly payments that fit your budget. It's a convenient option to spread out the cost of protecting your brand while still receiving our comprehensive trademark services.

Do You Offer Payment Plans? 

Are You Ready To Get Started? 

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 Our free e-book equips you with essential information to make informed decisions about protecting your brand. Discover the trademark process, common pitfalls, and the benefits of professional legal support. Download now and start building a strong foundation for your business.

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