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Streamlined Legal Solutions: Discover Our Flat Fee Contract Services!

We review all types of contracts. Some agreements, such as leases, are reviewed for a flat fee regardless of the page count, ensuring you know the cost upfront. For other types of agreements, the fee is charged by the page. This allows us to provide a thorough review while tailoring our services to the specific needs of each contract. Our goal is to make the review process transparent and straightforward, so you can confidently submit any contract for our expert analysis.

What Types of Agreements Do You Review?

The flat fee for our contract review service includes a comprehensive redline of your contract, highlighting all changes and concerns. We provide a detailed explanation of your concerns along with the attorney’s professional opinions and insights regarding the agreement. Additionally, you will receive a letter outlining the attorney's overall opinion on the contract. Please note that an attorney meeting, phone call, correspondence, or email consultation is not included in the flat fee. However, these can be added as an option at checkout if you require further discussion or clarification.

What Is Included In the Flat Fee?

You will receive your reviewed contract within 72 business hours. Our office operates Monday through Thursday, so please keep this schedule in mind. For example, if you submit your agreement on Thursday evening, you can expect to receive the reviewed contract by the following Tuesday or Wednesday, barring any holidays or unforeseen circumstances. This timeframe ensures a prompt and efficient review process while maintaining the highest quality of service.

How Long Until I Get My Review Back? 

Revisions or questions following the initial review are not included in the flat fee. If you anticipate needing a more detailed review or further discussion, we offer an add-on service at checkout. This add-on includes scheduling a meeting with an attorney to address any additional concerns or revisions you may have. This option ensures that you receive all the support you need for a thorough understanding and potential modifications to your contract.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Revisions? 

To start the contract review process, please press the button above to be directed to our intake form. There, you can upload your agreement and provide detailed information about your contract concerns and what specifically you are looking for in the review. This helps our attorneys understand the context and focus on the areas that matter most to you, ensuring a tailored and effective review process.

What Info Do You Need From Me?

Our attorneys follow a meticulous review process to ensure accuracy and thoroughness. Each contract is analyzed for potential issues, ambiguities, and compliance with relevant laws. We provide a detailed redline and explanation of our findings, along with professional opinions and recommendations. This comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of your contract are carefully evaluated, providing you with a reliable and insightful review.

How do you ensure a thorough and accurate contract review?

Starting at $197

Fixed Rate Attorney-Conducted Contract Review Delivered Within 72 Hours

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